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Translation of Verdrehen

das Verdrehen the twisting    

Translation by Vocabulix


sich winden; wiegen; verdrehen to twist
verdrehen, überspannen to distort
verbiegen; verdrehen (to) distort
verdrehen, verstauchen to twist
verdrehen to contort
verdrehen to twist

A word might have one meaning in Mexico, and a totally other meaning in Columbia or in Venezuela. Let me check the words that are already translated before doing anything. I will try to add the other points tomorrow.
Sorry, I did not know that I have a meeting with a friend. I will talk about our trip. Many thanks for the email and I hope we write eachother again soon and next time longer letters, I promise.
I'm helping you with Spanish and you can help me with English. How did you teach yourself the grammar? Here in Zurich it has being raining for 5 days and we have spent most of the time in front of the TV.
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