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Translation of verfolgen

verfolgen  to chase     
verfolgen to pursue    ; to persecute    

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Sample sentences:
Der Botschafter verfolgte seine Aufgabe mit Fleiß.

The ambassador pursued his mission diligently.
verfolgen; aufspüren; ausfindig machen to track
verfolgen; nachgehen; weiterführen pursue
gerichtlich verfolgen to prosecute
verfolgen; jagen chase; pursue(1)
heimsucchen; verfolgen to haunt
verfolgen to pursue; to oppress

On the way, there were a lot of beautiful, colored trees. Having arrived in a tiny village called Harvard, we got out of the car and walked through the streets. We were very lucky and I will tell you why.
Let me summarize our meeting from Sunday, please give me feedback if something is unclear. I will send you the study material, including lessons and vocabulary lists to ensure the accuracy of training.
We had lunch, checked out a few stores, the market and the beach and returned. The following morning we got up very early, checked out and headed towards the ferry port. Our ferry left at ten.
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German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of verfolgen
verfolge  verfolgst  verfolgt  verfolgen  verfolgt  verfolgen  verfolgte  verfolgtest  verfolgte  verfolgten  verfolgtet  verfolgten     
English Verbs    
Conjugation of chase   [ chased, chased ]
Conjugation of persecute   [ persecuted, persecuted ]
Conjugation of pursue   [ pursued, pursued ]