German Dictionary

Translation of Verfügung

die Verfügung the disposal    ; the disposition    ; the ordinance    

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Sample sentences:
Dieses Mädchen steht für eine schnelle Nummer nicht zur Verfügung.

This girl is not available for a quickie.
Das Zuchthaus war voll mit Kriminellen, zu viele für das zur Verfügung stehende Personal. The penitentiary was full of criminals, too many for the personnel available.

Thanks for the message. I hope that your friend here in England will soon be feeling better. If you decide to come at another time, I would be very pleased to meet you here. You can sleep at my place.
Until now I have tried the copy the mode of operation of Mike in class. Even the homework that they gave us do not match the exercise that we tried yesterday. I could not fulfill this task anyway.
So this is my last week here in Germany, then it's back to Italy. I'm not sure if I will return soon. But I am longing for friends and family. I will certainly return one day, that is sure.
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