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Translation of Vertrieb

der Vertrieb the distribution    ; the market    ; the marketing    ; the sale    ; the sales    ; the sales department

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Verteilung; Vertrieb; Handel distribution(1); distribution(1); distribution(1)
Vertrieb; vertreiben distribution; disribute
Verkauf und Vertrieb sales and marketing
regionaler Vertrieb local distrubition
Verkauf, Vertrieb Sales,Distribution
Vertrieb(sgesellschaft) distributor
Vertrieb,Auslieferung distribution
Vertrieb/Verkauf sales department
Auslieferung, Vertrieb operations
Vertrieb, Verkauf sales
Vertrieb distributation
vertrieb distribution

Clara agreed about a month ago to give me her acquaintances' contact details from NYU and Columbia. I have just spoken to her now and she told me that you could help me and send me those files.
From that day on we shared dinner. In addition, I explained them, that the reasons for coming to Cuba was photography and the Spanish language, which I wanted to improve after studying for a year.
We checked in at the huge Hotelasia, close to the Sony center, a large shopping mall, where we planned another shopping spree in the coming two days. We had disgusting dinner at a boring pizza place.
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Conjugation of market   [ marketed, marketed ]