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Translation of verwandt

verwandt related    

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Sample sentences:
Meine Verwandten kommen zu einem Familientreffen zu uns.

My relatives are coming to our house for a family gathering.
Ehen zwischen nahen Verwandten waren früher im Adel üblich. Marriage between close kin used to be common among the aristocracy.
ähnlich; (bluts-)verwandt akin
ähnlich; verwandt related
verwandt (sein) (be) related

In the meantime I am listening to some Spanish CDs. They are intended for the car, but no one can tell you when to listen to it, how many times and how often. Please understand that I work a lot.
I am happy that you are satisfied with your results! Of course I will come again. However, next time I would like to speak to each of the professors in advance to see what their need is.
The American (his name was Jeffrey) meant that this is the hour where usually the price of goods went down as the sellers were under pressure and did not want to return with the product.
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