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Translation of verwesen

verwesen to decay    ; to decompose    

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verwesen vergammeln to rot
verfall verwesen to decay
verfallen; verwesen decay
verwesen corrupt

Regarding the meeting in early May: I could not reschedule the appointment at my daughter's doctor and I will definitely know if I can come during the first 2 weeks. I guess we should talk next week.
In plural there is no difference between the formal and the colloquial address form. Do you mean that you are using 3rd person singular form for the plural imperative? If so, I will change all entries so far.
I have accepted you into my friend list, you have to accept me now too. Great! My goal is to have a good level in English, so that I can find a decent job in England or in the United States.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of decay   [ decayed, decayed ]
Conjugation of decompose   [ decomposed, decomposed ]