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Translation of Videospiel

das Videospiel the videogame    

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Sample sentences:
Die aggressive Pathologie des Teenager wurde durch gewalttätige Videospiele noch verschlimmert.

The aggressive teenager's pathology was aggravated by playing violent video games.

I have considered the option to bring my friends from other social networks and invite them to join here. They can develop better language skills here. I'd love to pursue that goal, but I want to write in English.
Well, you're already here ... would you ever have thought that I'm a member in facebook? You are a funny guy. What else is happening? Did you already settle down in your new country of choice?
Why do I never travel? This is a very good question, but I do not know how to answer it: On one hand, I like the landscape, but on the other hand it annoys me to pack and to drive or fly.
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