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Translation of Vollendung

die Vollendung the completion    ; the accomplishment    

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eine Errungenschaft(1); eine Durchführung; eine Vollendung accomplishment
eine Errungenschaft; eine Vollendung an accomplishment
Vollendung; Erfüllung accomplishment
Leistung; Vollendung achievement

I need to write you one more sentence. This is what my teacher told me and the German language is so difficult. So please, as a last favor, would you please write the sentence for me in German?
Sometimes this is an outcome of personal problems or incidents. For example, there could be a crime commited by someone of a certain origin. The consequence could be that the victims would blame an entire community.
We went to visit the different markets starting with the bracelet market in Kowloon. Lili bought a few stones there. In the afternoon we visited the financial district which could only be reached by boat.
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