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Translation of Vorahnung

die Vorahnung the premonition    

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Sample sentences:
Ich hatte eine Art Vorahnung, dass sich die Dinge auf diese Art entwickeln würden.

I had some sort of premonition that things would develop this way.

It actually happened to my cousin's youngest kid. He was repeatedly warned not to smoke in the courtyard of the school. At the end he found himself expelled from the school. It could have been an interesting experience for him though.
But now the other department of the same company made an update to their policy and it seems that they punish all agents that give away too many fliers at once. I will probably have a few corrections to make and I hope that income recovers soon.
I now live in Spain. I have moved too 2 years ago. I have finished my studies and in February I'm going to high school. I have not spoken German for a long time, actually since I was a kid.
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