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Translation of vorteilhaft

vorteilhaft advantageous    ; beneficial    ; favorable    

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Sample sentences:
Seine Befürwortung der Mutterschaftsprovision stellte sich während der Kampagne als vorteilhaft heraus.

His endorsement of the maternity provision turned out beneficial during the campaign.
vorteilhaft profitable; beneficial; favorable
günstig, vorteilhaft advantageous
günstig, vorteilhaft favourable
günstig,vorteilhaft favourable
vorteilhaft, gut beneficial

I have started learning only one month ago, that was during the summer holidays, I want to go to Canada for three weeks and then participate in a course. I hope that I will improve it more or less.
In plural there is no difference between the formal and the colloquial address form. Do you mean that you are using 3rd person singular form for the plural imperative? If so, I will change all entries so far.
The course was a bit tough because the teacher always gave lots of homework. We were upset about his behaviour. He was very arrogant towards all the students. It was simply no fun to study there.
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