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Translation of Wächter

der Wächter the guard    
der Wächter the watcher    ; the keeper    ; the warden    

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Sample sentences:
Vor dem Shintoschrein klatschte der Wächter zweimal in die Hände.

In front of the Shinto shrine, the guard clapped his hands twice.
der Wächter The Guardian
Wächter security guard

The ingredients of the poem which seem to be so bright because of the white are in fact the ingredients of a witches broth: In everything there is something bad, even in the goodness and shininess.
Did you hear about the earthquake this morning in Greece. This is really terrible, I think that quite a few viligars lost their lifes and many more lost their homes. I am really sad for all of them.
We boarded the ship and it left the port. They started with lunch, which was pretty good. The ship sailed for about an hour until it reached the bay area, which had over one thousand islands.
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Conjugation of guard   [ guarded, guarded ]