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Translation of Wahl

die Wahl  the choice     
die Wahl the choice    ; the selection    ; the election    

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Sample sentences:
Der Sieger gewann einen Burger seiner Wahl im Hilo Burger Joint.

The victor won a burger of his choice at Hilo Burger Joint.
Sie hätte lieber Skier gehabt als einen Bob, aber sie hatte keine Wahl. She would have preferred skis to a bobsleigh, but she had no choice.
Wahl; wählen, bestimmen election; to elect
eine Wahl durchführen to hold an election
eine Wahl ausschreiben to call an election

Everybody knows about the Indian summer which is famous for it strong and shiny atmosphere in the woods. That is why i wanted to see it too. So, last Saturday morning we left Boston and drove North-West.
Before you make a reservation we need to check whether it has car parking, please wait. I will be in Switzerland next week. I am trying to get 4 or 5 days off. I will be back on the end of the year.
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