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Translation of Wal

der Wal the whale    

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Sample sentences:
Die Bootreise zur Stelle der Beobachtung der Wale dauerte über eine Stunde.

The boat ride to the whale-watching site took over an hour.
Es ist schwer zu glauben, aber der Wal ist ein Säugetier. It is hard to believe but the whale is a mammal.
Der Wal rauschte an uns vorbei, und unsere Herzen schlugen schneller. The whale whooshed past us, and our hearts beat faster.

I do not know what to write about Belgium, so that I will write about Greece because my mother is from Athens and i have a lot of cousins there and a lot of other relatives. That is right.
I do not mean to claim that they ought forget their own history, but I assert that they should forgive, not to the culprits who made the rage (that would not be possible), but the next innocent generation.
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