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Translation of Wand

die Wand the wall    

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Sample sentences:
Nachdenklich zog er die Pfeile aus der Wand.

Looking pensive, he pulled the darts out of the wall.
Traditionelle Bauweise von Häusern erfordert, dass Wände mit Kalkstein errichtet werden. Traditional construction of houses requires the wall to be built with limestone.
Der Neffe starrte an die ( Backstein- ) Wand auf welche sein Onkel kletterte. The nephew stared at the brick wall which his uncle was climbing.
die Wand, Wände; die Mauer, Mauern the wall(s)
Wand- oder Kirchturmuhr clock
Wand-, Stand- Uhr clock
an der Wand on the wall
gegen die Wand against
Plakat(-wand) hoarding
(Wand-) Tafel board
(Wand)- Tafel board
Wand; Mauer wall

Do you need them as hard or soft copy? Donna, I forgot I can't on Wednesday... My family is coming for the weekend. Maybe we can do it one week later? I am kindly asking you to tell also Harry.
She insisted that there should be an actual step, where the man proposes friendship to the woman, at a nice dinner or giving her a gift or flowers or going down on his knees. Cultural differences.
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