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Translation of weben

weben to weave    

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Sample sentences:
Gabi war eine Weberin, aber nachdem sie Richard traf, webte sie nicht mehr.

Gabi was a webster, but after she met Richard, she stopped weaving.
weben (für) to advertise
weben weave, wove, woven

In the meantime I am listening to some Spanish CDs. They are intended for the car, but no one can tell you when to listen to it, how many times and how often. Please understand that I work a lot.
Today, during the peace process it is very difficult for both parties to suppress their feelings since the recollection of what occured in the last decades are strongly rootes in their minds.
We started to look for other options and found the Salvation Army Boot lodge, which had much larger rooms for half the price. The second and third night we would stay there before moving on.
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German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of weben
webe  webst  webt  weben  webt  weben  wob  wobst  wob  woben  wobt  woben     
English Verbs    
Conjugation of weave   [ wove, woven ]