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Translation of weglaufen

weglaufen to run away

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I thought it was great to hear from you. I would love to help you to learn Spanish. I'll write in English and you tell me the Spanish translation. I think that you're good enough for that exercise.
The fact that I have received many emails from students in order to make Vocabulix known is a personal success for me. But I think that a new website with many pages would be better for future uses.
I speak a little English. I would be happy to teach you German as well. May I can introduce myself? My name is Jürgen and I live in Dusseldorf. 25 years ago I was born in Mannheim, Germany.
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German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of weglaufen
[bin weggelaufen]
laufe weg  läufst weg  läuft weg  laufen weg  lauft weg  laufen weg  lief weg  liefst weg  lief weg  liefen weg  lieft weg  liefen weg