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Translation of weitergeben

weitergeben to hand down; to hand on; to relay    

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weitergeben; halten; tier halten continue; hold; maintain
herüberreichen; weitergeben pass; to pass
weitergeben; weiterleiten to pass on

Today the spring really showed itself. It was over eighteen degrees and people started wearing nice and with T-shirts. Snow has melted and the temperature is steady. I can't wait for the summer.
For example, there are many regions in the United States in which only few African-Americans live. Somehow intolerance is the biggest there, because the citizens there are not used to foreigners.
The next day it we had another hike, this time much further away, but luckily downhill. We again walked through various rice fields and rice terraces, along rivers and through hill tribe villages.
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German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of weitergeben
gebe weiter  gibst weiter  gibt weiter  geben weiter  gebt weiter  geben weiter  gab weiter  gabst weiter  gab weiter  gaben weiter  gabt weiter  gaben weiter     
English Verbs    
Conjugation of relay   [ relayed, relayed ]