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Translation of Wels

der Wels the wels catfish; the catfish    

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Sample sentences:
Mit seinen schnurrbarthaar-artigen Bartfäden ähnelte der Wels unserer Katze Mimi.

With his whisker-like barbels the catfish resembled our cat Mimi.

My name is Michael Jonsan and I am working with Swiss and German companies through the chamber of commerce, mainly in the bio and pharmaceutical markets. I hope that we can learn languages together.
Did you hear about the earthquake this morning in Greece. This is really terrible, I think that quite a few viligars lost their lifes and many more lost their homes. I am really sad for all of them.
I went to the deck and except one staff member who slept there on the floor I was the only one. I installed my camera and waited for the light to arrive. I expected the images to be more spectacular.
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