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Translation of willkürlich

willkürlich arbitrary    

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Sample sentences:
Die Fragen, die der Reporter stellte, schienen willkürlich.

The questions the reporter asked seemed arbitrary.
eigenmächtig; willkürlich; frei wählbar arbitrary
willkürlich haphazard

As promised in our short conversation here a quick introduction about the entire process. We had great success in Richard Young's restaurant. I will call you on Monday. Meanwhile, happy new year!
I almost forgot to tell you, that the water was brown, despite of its name... Anyway, as I was already close to my next destination I went and consulted with a tourguide of Austrian travelers.
We took many images and stayed there for over three hours, just enjoying the view. We finally went back to Kowloon with the subway, where we went to eat Sushi in a vivid, dynamic restaurant.
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