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Translation of Zusammenhalt

der Zusammenhalt the cohesion    ; the solidarity    

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Sample sentences:
Territorialer Zusammenhalt wurde als wichtig erachtet, um den Handel anzukurbeln.

Territorial cohesion was considered important to boost trade.
die Durchgängigkeit; der Zusammenhalt the consistency
Zusammenhalt cohesion

A proposal for our further cooperation: I will translate your texts in English and you translate my letters into Spanish. I will focus on spelling and grammar, and I will correct your sentence structure.
This is another sentence that was missing. This morning I brought my daugther to the kindergarden as I do every morning. She is in that terrible two age and people told me that it is not an easy age.
These are very good images, please send me more... I think Oslo is a very calm city. Every day it is getting more international and culturally richer. I work as a general secretary in a law firm.
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