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Translation of Zustimmung

die Zustimmung the agreement    

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Sample sentences:
Okay heißt das selbe wie 'in Ordnung' und zeigt Zustimmung.

OK' is the same as saying 'alright' and shows agreement.
Im Februar gewann das Konzept schließlich die Zustimmung der Gruppe. The concept finally earned the group's approval in February.
Genehmigung; Zustimmung assent; consent; approval
ihre Zustimmung finden to find your approval
die Zustimmung approval; afirmacion; credito

Although I put my wallet in the front pocket of my pants it was not there. I had been so diverted by the aggressiveness of these kids that I did not feel it when they grabbed it out of my pocket.
The advantage of this change is that: 1. it improves the response time after every asked word by double. 2. Some do not want to save their lessons, they just want to test it without results being collected...
I went to the deck and except one staff member who slept there on the floor I was the only one. I installed my camera and waited for the light to arrive. I expected the images to be more spectacular.
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