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Translation of zuvor

zuvor before    ; previously    
zuvor before    ; beforehand    

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Sample sentences:
Ich ignoriere immer diejenigen, die mich zuvor unfair behandelt haben.

I always ignore those who have been treating me unfairly.
Der Taucher tauchte tiefer als je zuvor. The diver went deeper than ever before.
Lasst uns zusammenfassen, was zuvor gesagt wurde. Let us recap what has been said before.

But by listening to this over and over again, some get even more used to unimportant messages and to this kind of presentation. It is a vicious circle. For some folks it is difficult to handle.
I almost forgot to tell you, that the water was brown, despite of its name... Anyway, as I was already close to my next destination I went and consulted with a tourguide of Austrian travelers.
2 hours later we landed in Hanoi, today's capital. After picking up our bags we started to look for a room to sleep in. The information desk did not really help us so we relied on the Lonely Planet guide.
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