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Translation of account in German

the account     das Konto

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Sample sentences:
I terminated my account with Mephisto Bank last June.

Ich habe mein Konto bei der Mephisto Bank letzten Juni aufgelöst.
The incoming funds will be transferred directly to my Swiss account. Die eingehenden Geldmittel werden direkt auf mein Schweizer Konto überwiesen.
I would like to delete the online account at this website. Ich würde gerne mein online Konto auf dieser Webseite löschen.
deposit account; time account; notice account Sparkonto
to take into account; to consider in Betracht ziehen
take into account etwas miteinplanen; miteinbeziehen
to take into account; consider berücksichtigen
current account Kontokorrentkonto; laufendes Konto
to account for rechtfertigen; Rechenschaft ablegen
current account; checking account Kontokorrent
bank statement; account statement Kontoauszug
account manager Kundenbetreuer; Kundenberater

Hans was not in the office for 4 days. I informed him that it is urgent and asked him to send it by tomorrow morning. I'll do my best that you receive it as early as possible. Trust me on that.
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