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Translation of admitted in German

admitted     zugelassen

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Sample sentences:
Finally they admitted that a meltdown had already happened in Fukushima.

Schließlich gaben sie zu, dass in Fukushima bereits eine Kernschmelze geschehen war.
admitted zugeben; (anerkannt); gestehen
admitted aufgenommen
admitted einlassen
admitted gesteht

My mom and dad used to speak English when they wanted to say something I shouldn't understand. In this way I have learned English. I did not tell them till late, but I did understand every word they said.
I have not received your contact request at MSN yet, but I will look it up tonight. My user name is the same as it is here. What it your user name there, also the same as on this website?
Was great to see you again, thank you for the meeting. But I have seen that the 'Unicomercer' in Cairo already had a contact person or a representing company. What should I do? Contact them anyway?
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