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Translation of alike in German

alike     gleich
alike     ebenso

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Sample sentences:
The hostess and her sister looked so much alike I had trouble telling them apart.

Die Gastgeberin und ihre Schwester sahen sich so ähnlich, dass ich Probleme hatte, sie auseinanderzuhalten.
alike ebenso; gleich; ohne Unterschied
alike (sich) ähnlich (sehen)
alike ebenso,gleichermaßen
alike gleich; ähnlich

The next place was huge, had warm water, two large beds, separated shower and toilet, and the windows were towards some kind of patio. I asked to receive the same but with a view to the street.
The memorial consisted of a small museum and monument which was displaying skulls of civil war victims. It was sad, brutal and scary. It is certainly not the place were you would take tourist on day one.
We checked in at the Hotel de Paris, a small hotel owned by a friendly, old lady. Our rooms were OK, but we asked to be transferred to the newer part of the hotel. The stomach ache of my wife did not disappear.
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