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Translation of allow in German

to allow     gönnen; zulassen
to allow     bewilligen
allow      erlauben 

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Sample sentences:
The college cannot allow any of their students to be harassed.

Die Hochschule kann es nicht zulassen, dass irgendeiner seiner Studenten belästigt wird.
Life in a colony allows a special perspective on human vices. Das Leben in einer Kolonie gestattet eine besondere Perspektive auf die menschlichen Laster.
allow a discount einen Rabatt gewähren
to allow erlauben; gestatten; bewilligen
to allow erlauben; zulassen; gestalten
to allow for vorsehen; einplanen
to allow erlauben, bewilligen
to allow erlauben, gestatten
to let, allow, leave lassen
to leave, allow lassen
to allow erlauben

Your ask why i am learning English ? I made a trip two years ago, a vacation in a foreign country and I could not speak with other people. That was very bad for me. When I came back home I began to study English.
A year later we decided to make another trip. We have both been to Mexico and to Cuba, and the year before we were in South America, where we have visited several countries for five weeks.
Yes, I know that because I have visited there. I speak German and I am working on my Spanish. Where are you from originally? Are you going to a some language school and what is the best way to learn for you?
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of allow   [ allowed, allowed ]
German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of erlauben
erlaube  erlaubst  erlaubt  erlauben  erlaubt  erlauben  erlaubte  erlaubtest  erlaubte  erlaubten  erlaubtet  erlaubten     
Conjugation of gönnen
gönne  gönnst  gönnt  gönnen  gönnt  gönnen  gönnte  gönntest  gönnte  gönnten  gönntet  gönnten