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Translation of alone in German

alone     allein; alleine; einsam

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Sample sentences:
After Tom had been home alone, the house was always in disarray.

Nachdem Tom allein zu Hause gewesen war, herrschte jedes Mal Unordnung.
Leave the glum old woman alone. Lass die mürrische alte Frau allein.
Mike was a responsible shepherd who never left his flock alone. Mike war ein verantwortlicher Hirte, der seine Herde nie allein ließ.
to leave alone; leave alone in Ruhe lassen
single, living alone alleinstehend
being alone; isolation allein sein
to sing alone with mitsingen
to be alone allein sein
alone, however allein
all alone ganz allein
alone allein (adj)
alone allein (e)

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