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Translation of alright in German

alright     akzeptabel; einverstanden; in Ordnung

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Sample sentences:
Don't be afraid, everything will be all right, whispered the mother to her scared daughter.

Hab keine Angst, es ist alles in Ordnung, flüsterte die Mutter ihrer ängstlichen Tochter zu.
that's alright!; never mind! schon gut
ok; well; alright in Ordnung
alright In Ordnung !

You can always write me and we can learn together any language you want. How long you have taken classes? Was it only at night or on weekends? Makes me wonder how someone can be so fluent in Spanish.
This is another sentence that was missing. This morning I brought my daugther to the kindergarden as I do every morning. She is in that terrible two age and people told me that it is not an easy age.
My name is Julio and I live in Santiago, which is in Chile. I speak a little German, but I want to improve. Where are you from? Where do you live? What is your favorite music? Auf wiedersehen!
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