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Translation of although in German

although      obwohl 
although     obgleich

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Sample sentences:
He still carried his pager although he now had a cell phone, too.

Er trug immer noch seinen Piepser bei sich, obwohl er jetzt ein Handy hatte.
We enjoyed our holiday by the North Sea although it was cold. Wir genossen unseren Urlaub an der Nordsee, auch wenn es kalt war.
Many children are afraid of wolves although they have never seen one in their entire life. Viele Kinder fürchten Wölfe obwohl sie während dem ganzen Leben keinen einzigen gesehen haben.
although; nevertheless; however dennoch; trotzdem
although obwohl; obgleich; wenn auch
although obwohl; obgleich; trotzdem
Although obgleich; obschon; obwohl
although obwohl; obgleich; obschon
although, even though obwohl
Although Obwohl; allerdings
although wenngleich, trotz
although obgleich, obwohl

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