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Translation of antisocial in German

antisocial     asozial

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Sample sentences:
When her son got diphtheria, she became even more antisocial.

Als ihr Sohn Diphterie bekam, wurde sie noch kontaktscheuer.

Thanks a lot. Today and tomorrow are holidays in Switzerland, but I'll do it Tuesday first thing in the morning...please have a look at it and confirm. Where do you want me to place a reference?
Everyone has the right to get a second chance, the option to live in reconciled circumstances. The environment has so much influence on us that we need to be aware of it even in very hard times.
A small boat took us to the Kayak hiring station. We took three Kayaks in total, one for the guide, one for the couple from the US and one for us. We started rowing to a hidden Bay away from the crowds.
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