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Translation of around in German

around      um herum 
around     rund

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Sample sentences:
She has a tendency to pry and to nose around in other people's life.

Sie hat einen Hang dazu, neugierig zu sein und im Leben Anderer herumzuschnüffeln.
Before anaesthetics were around, surgery was extremely painful. Bevor es Betäubungsmittel gab waren Operationen extrem schmerzhaft.
They planted cocos around their new home. Sie pflanzten Kokospalmen um ihr neues Haus herum.
to come round; come round; come around vorbeischauen; vorbeikommen
to show somebody round; to show somebody around herumführen
to hang around; hang-hung-hung herumhängen
to mill around; to hang around herumhängen
turn around; to turn around wenden; umdrehen
to show sb around jdn herumführen
hang around abhängen nichts tun
worldwide; around the world weltweit
around ringsherum; um; überall

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