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Translation of assembly in German

the assembly     die Versammlung
the assembly     der Einbau; die Montage

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Sample sentences:
The daytime was spent working at the assembly line, and at night we stood watch.

Tagsüber arbeiteten wir am Fließband, und nachts standen wir Wache.
assembly Baugruppe; Montagegruppe; Aufstellung
assembly Versammlung; Montage; Aufstellung
assembly line Fließband, Montageband
assembly plant Produktionslinie
an assembly plant Montagewerk
assembly line Fließband
assembly line Fließland
assembly plants Montagewerke
Assembly Hall Montagehalle
assembly Aufbau; Anordnung
Assembly Schulversammlung

That's cool if we can arrange like this. I went to Europe last year, and I went to Germany as well, I loved it! What city are you from? I speak a little bit German but not very well (as you may see).
We really felt like being in a stupid tourist attraction. The environment was very beautiful but the mass of people would ruin our special moments. Anyway we had one more surprise on the way back.
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