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Translation of away in German

away     davon; fort; weg
away     ab

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Sample sentences:
The assailant got away but left his weapon behind.

Der Aggressor floh, ließ die Tatwaffe jedoch zurück.
In the 70s, many hippies founded communes away from the cities. In den 70ern gründeten viele Hippies Kommunen außerhalb der Städte.
Two coots fluttered away when our boat came near them. Zwei Blässhühner flatterten davon, als unser Boot sich ihnen näherte.
to recoil; to shrink from; to shy away zurückschrecken
to back away sich zurückziehen; Abstand nehmen
to refuse; repulse; turn away zurückweisen
put away wegräumen; wegstecken; versorgen
to give away; gave; given abgeben; verschenken
remove, take away räumen, hier: abholzen
take-away drinks Getränke zum Mitnehmen
chase somebody away jemanden (weg)jagen
to be whisked away auf schnellstem Wege

As it was the primary attraction for all tourist we were "escorted" by a few thousand other visitors. Our guide Samuel informed us about the ancient history of this special place.
We decided to walk back and explore the city on foot. It was hard to cross the streets as there was an endless flow of motorcycles and bikes. One needed to just enter the street and cross it.
The biggest city in Germany is Berlin. The other big cities are not as big but some of them are really nice. And especially the smaller cities here are very charming and worth visiting.
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