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Translation of because in German

because      weil 
because     da; denn

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Sample sentences:
The picket did not let us enter the building, because there was an ongoing strike.

Der Streikposten ließ uns nicht das Gebäude betreten, weil ein Streik im Gange war.
He got sick with pox, because he had not received a vaccination against it. Er erkrankte an Pocken, weil er keine Impfung dagegen erhalten hatte.
Because of her breach of regulations, she had to accept a premature dismissal. Wegen Ihres Verstoßes gegen die Regeln hatte sie ein vorzeitige Kündigung hinzunehmen.
Because of this... Wegen der/des
Why? Because... Warum? Weil...
because of*; due to wegen
because (less common) Da
because of weil; wegen
because*; as; for denn
because weil; nachdem
because (norm) weil
because, jer denn

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