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Translation of bigger in German

bigger     größer

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Sample sentences:
Now he was six and needed a bigger bag for school.

Jetzt war er sechs und brauchte eine größere Tasche für die Schule.
The tiniest of all the elves was no bigger than a grain of sand. Die winzigste der Elfen war nicht größer als ein Sandkorn.
Our dog is usually submissive when bigger dogs come around. Unser Hund ist normalerweise unterwürfig, wenn größere Hunde vorbeikommen.
taller; bigger größer

Sometimes you forget one word and this makes the entire sentence sound differently. That means that you need to read each email before sending it twice at least if you want to be on the safe side every time.
Anyway, there are a lot of people on board and I no matter how high the waves may be, I always suffer from nausea or seasickness. I have not been on a small boat before. I will have to vomit.
As a friend and acquaintance I have the honor to forward the information to other members. He will, however, need more support in the first phase, which he will receive for sure. See you later.
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