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Translation of brood in German

to brood     brüten; grübeln

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to brood; to brood over something brüten; nachgrübeln (über)
to brood grübeln
brood Brut

There are about fifty families who are having very tight connections. Too tight in my opinion. It's like a small town in this aspect. Joanna though is very satisfied with the place and the atmosphere.
I have been there once for vacation, but I was too little. It was twelve years ago, when I was still a child. I went there with mom and dad and all I cared about is beach and sand, no culture.
Honk Kong was intense. We liked it on the one hand, but after coming from South East Asia, it seemed a little boring to us. What I mean is that it is more Western and less exciting for us.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of brood   [ brooded, brooded ]
German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of brüten
brüte  brütest  brütet  brüten  brütet  brüten  brütete  brütetest  brütete  brüteten  brütetet  brüteten