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Translation of caffeine in German

the caffeine     das Koffein

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Sample sentences:
Consuming bran and caffeine in the morning is a good start to the day.

Morgens Kleie und Coffein zu konsumieren ist ein guter Tagesanfang.
caffeine [kä'ffihn] Koffein
caffeine Koffein

We decided according to whom we liked most and booked a trip for the next day. We looked for a place for lunch and found a restuarant called Pho 24, where they would serve soups for 24 hours.
We headed back to the hotel with a rickshaw, as usual in this part of the world they drove like crazy but it was hilarious. We went to sleep immediately and did not wake up the entire night.
In the evening we stayed in our room, watching an old James Bond. On the second day, we went to the Bellavista neighborhood and ate at a Chinese restaurant, rice is supposed to be good against stomach pain...
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