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Translation of California in German

California     Kalifornien

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Sample sentences:
When we went to the bird park in California we saw a toucan.

Als wir im Vogelpark in Kalifornien waren, sahen wir einen Tukan.
California Kalifornien

Yes, I have the same opinion - it's interesting to sometimes communicate with people abroad. If you have an issue with learning the French language, you may want to contact me again.
It is very different from bars and discos and nightlife. So it has also advantages, however the quantity and the quality of information circulating in the social networks worries me a little. A lot of it is garbage.
How are you? I want to meet you when you are in Austria? At the weekend I took the train home, and tomorrow I'm going back again to Karlsruhe in the south of our country. It is near Freiburg.
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