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Translation of carrot in German

the carrot     die Karotte; die Mohrrübe; die Möhre

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Sample sentences:
Meatballs were placed on top of the carrots.

Frikadellen wurden auf die Möhren gelegt.
Eat a lot of carrots because they are good for your eyesight in the dark. Iß viele Karotten weil es gut für Deine Sehkraft im Dunkeln ist.
carrot Karotte; Möhre; Rüebli
the carrot(s) die Karotte, Karotten
a carrot eine Mohrrübe
carrot Karotte, Möhre
carrot juice Karottensaft

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It seemed that the fisherman and his daughter did not intend to keep on rowing unless we would buy something and we were really annoyed by that and did not hide it. In the end they passed.
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