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Translation of chat in German

to chat      sich unterhalten 
to chat      sich unterhalten 
to chat     chatten; parlieren; plaudern
the chat     der Chat; der Plausch
the chat     der Schwatz

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Sample sentences:
The lassie in Newbridge gave us water and chatted with us for a while.

Das Mädel in Newbridge gab uns Wasser und plauderte eine Weile mit uns.
I just pretend to be deaf if I am too busy too chat to my friends. Wenn ich zu beschäftigt bin, um mit meinen Freunden zu quatschen, dann stelle ich mich einfach taub.
Many housewives on our street meet sometime during the day for a long chat. Viele Hausfrauen in unserer Straße treffen sich irgendwann im Laufe des Tages zu einem langen Plausch.
to chat up; chat up anquatschen; anmachen
chit-chat Tratsch; leichte Konversation
to chat sich unterhalten; plaudern
having a chat sich unterhalten
chat, chatted, chatted chatten
have a chat sich unterhalten
(to) chat plaudern, chatten
to chat sich unterhalten
chat-up line Anmache

That's cool if we can arrange like this. I went to Europe last year, and I went to Germany as well, I loved it! What city are you from? I speak a little bit German but not very well (as you may see).
I hope, you'll not be disagreeing with me, if i tell you the fact that Italian is very similar to Spanish. i keep my fingers crossed for you! Good luck in your exam and I hope to communicate with you after that.
I'm writing you in English because I don't have a lot of time and writing in German will take me a long time. Just a few corrections: you can not say in English How you do, you need to say How do you do...
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of chat   [ chatted, chatted ]
German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of plaudern
plaudere  plauderst  plaudert  plaudern  plaudert  plaudern  plauderte  plaudertest  plauderte  plauderten  plaudertet  plauderten