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Translation of check-in in German

the check-in     der Check-in

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check-in counter; check-in desk Abfertigungsschalter; check-in schalter
check-in desk; magazine Abfertigungsschalter; Zeitschrift
check-in desk; magazine Abferigungsschalter; Zeitschrift
check-in agent Schalterangestellte (r)
check-in-desk Abfertigungsschlange
check-in desk Abfertigungsschlater
check-in desk Abfertigunsschalter
check-in desk Abfertigungschalter
check-in desk Abflugschalter
to check-in einchecken

In May I'll be able to show the machine at an exhibition in the university. In addition, we can show it to all these university partner laboratories in the U.S., which are led by people who live here.
Yes, but I was unable to work on this yesterday, and today will be almost impossible too. Between tomorrow and Sunday you'll have quite a few more entries in the system. I just wanted to know how it is going.
Yes, come to Switzerland. May I ask if you have friends here? Pity that Geneva is so far away from Zurich, about 3 hours by train. If you have the time you need to visit me. We have a great lake.
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