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Translation of chevy in German

to chevy     hetzen

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Sample sentences:
We chevied the fat pancake down the hill.

Wir hetzten den fetten Pfannekuchen den Berg hinunter.

When have you been to Italy last time? It is very far from Romania. My friends and I were all small children when we last saw each other and when we met again we were all adults. This experience was a very strange feeling, but we have overcome it.
Anyway, I will add the 'offending' word feature within a few hours and write you an email once it is up and we will give it a try. Do you agree? Did you get my message? When do you want to start translating for me?
That is a beautiful name you have got. It would be very helpful if you answered my mail before next week because I will have my final test on Wednesday. I will understand if you won't be able too.
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German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of hetzen
hetze  hetzt  hetzt  hetzen  hetzt  hetzen  hetzte  hetztest  hetzte  hetzten  hetztet  hetzten