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Translation of chill in German

to chill     chillen
to chill     relaxen

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Sample sentences:
My friends and I spent all summer chilling on the boat.

Meine Freunde und ich chillten den ganzen Sommer lang auf dem Boot.
to chill out; chill out sich entspannen

Can we do it one day earlier? 30.April? I probably can't on the 04.05, but I will know just next week. Maybe we can do a phone lesson first and than the writing exercises. I do not feel ready yet.
I received your previous message. Sorry, I did not make the connection earlier, as I did not remember your company's name and have not met Jack Ulmani. You have probably received my address from Allan.
If I could get that far in Galaga, and handle enemy starships, I was sure that I could handle hurricane Ivan. I decided to continue to Mexico after having two dry airport muffins for breakfast.
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