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Translation of Christmas in German

the Christmas      das Weihnachten 
the Christmas     das Weihnachtsfest

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Sample sentences:
She flaunted her green hat at the Christmas party.

Bei der Weihnachtsfeier stellte sie ihren grünen Hut zur Schau.
Wishfully, Evelyn dreamed of a Christmas trip to Bath with both her parents. Sehnsüchtig träumte Evelin von einer Weihnachtsreise nach Bath mit ihren beiden Eltern.
After the Christmas market ended, the entire neighborhood looked like a pigsty. Nachdem der Weihnachtsmarkt vorbei war, sah die gesamte Nachbarschaft aus wie ein Schweinestall.
Christmas pudding; Plumpudding Weihnachtsdessert
Christmas Eve Heiliger Abend (24.12.)
Christmas Day Weihnachtstag (25.12.)
christmas holidays Weihnachtsferien
Christmas Day erster Weihnachtstag
Christmas days Weihnachtsfeiertage
Christmas tree der Weihnachtsbaum
Christmas carols Weihnachtslieder
Christmas bauble Christbaumkugel

It is a beautiful neighborhood with with lots of boutique restaurants and shops. We invited our friends from the Netherlands to join us for dinner and they agreed. We found the restaurant in the Time Out magazine.
I can understand a little Spanish with the base of Italian and heaps of words sound familiar. I will try to have conversations as much as i can. Just learning the vocabulary and the grammar isn't enough!
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