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Translation of chuck in German

to chuck     einspannen; schmeißen; wegwerfen

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Sample sentences:
The CD reminded him of his ex, so he decided to chuck it.

Die CD erinnerte ihn an seine Exfreundin, und er beschloss, sie wegzuwerfen.

When have you been to Italy last time? It is very far from Romania. My friends and I were all small children when we last saw each other and when we met again we were all adults. This experience was a very strange feeling, but we have overcome it.
Yes, but I was unable to work on this yesterday, and today will be almost impossible too. Between tomorrow and Sunday you'll have quite a few more entries in the system. I just wanted to know how it is going.
I guess the whole idea is about improvement, correct? How are you these days anyway. Since I want to practice a bit, I decided to join here. I'll be happy to start with you. Let us try it.
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Conjugation of schmeißen
schmeiße  schmeißt  schmeißt  schmeißen  schmeißt  schmeißen  schmiss  schmissest  schmiss  schmissen  schmisset  schmissen