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Translation of colleague in German

the colleague      der Kollege 
the colleague      der Kollege 
the colleague     die Kollegin

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Sample sentences:
Jacob hoped his colleague would help him out while he was ill.

Jakob hoffte, dass sein Kollege ihm aushelfen würde solange er krank war.
His bossy attitude caused concern among his colleagues. Sein herrisches Gehabe bereitete seinen Kollegen Sorge.
The cashier called his colleague for backup. Der Kassierer rief seinen Kollegen zur Hilfe.
colleague; associate; co-worker Kollege
peer; colleague Kollege/Kollegin
a colleague Kollege; Mitarbeiter
college; colleague Fachschule
colleague Kollege / Kollegin
colleague kollege, kollegin
colleague Arbeitskollege
colleague Kollege/in

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