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Translation of common in German

common      gemeinsam 
common     alltäglich; gemein; gemeinsam; gemeinschaftlich
common     häufig; üblich

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Sample sentences:
Cellulite is a deposition of fat under the skin that is common in women.

Zellulitis ist eine bei Frauen weit verbreitete Ablagerung von Fett unter der Haut.
Marriage between close kin used to be common among the aristocracy. Ehen zwischen nahen Verwandten waren früher im Adel üblich.
Hello is a common word to introduce yourself. Hallo ist ein allgemeines Wort um sich vorzustellen.
common, ordinary; ordinary, common gewöhnlich, normal(2)
common gewöhnlich; gemeinsam; allgemein, einfach
common weal; public welfare Gemeinwohl; Gemeinwesen
to share; to have in common gemeinsam haben; teilen
common foreign policy gemeinsame Außenpolitik
the common people die Durchschnittsbürger
common gemeinschaftlich; allgemein; gemeinsam
common allgemein; bekannt; gebräuchlich
common gemeinsam; üblich, allgemein

I would like to have you as my good friend and maybe we can go to places in the near future, and maybe we will travel together to China as well one day (if you wish to go there). Tell me more about yourself as I will love to know about you.
Yes I think that's fine. I read your messages in German but i only understand them, answering in German is to difficult for me at the stage. Maybe after we practice for a while, I will be able to.
In the evening we stayed in our room, watching an old James Bond. On the second day, we went to the Bellavista neighborhood and ate at a Chinese restaurant, rice is supposed to be good against stomach pain...
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