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Translation of compete in German

to compete     messen
to compete     konkurrieren

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Sample sentences:
The competing bakers had outdone each other with their eccentric cake designs.

Die teilnehmenden Bäcker hatten sich gegenseitig mit ihren exzentrischen Kuchendesigns übertroffen.
Due to the appendicitis the gymnast won't be able to compete. Aufgrund der Blinddarmentzündung kann der Turner nicht am Wettkampf teilnehmen.
to compete for sich mitbewerben für
to compete (with) konkurrieren
to compete konkorrieren
to compete kämpfen
compete wettstreiten

Can we do it one day earlier? 30.April? I probably can't on the 04.05, but I will know just next week. Maybe we can do a phone lesson first and than the writing exercises. I do not feel ready yet.
We are currently processing the information that you gave us and I will get back to you in the middle of next week. If there are other Spanish language study materials we are always happy to get them.
She could not join me since her flight to Israel was supposed to leave in less than 48 hours. I helped her carrying the bag to a hostel in Cancun and we went together to the airport. I postponed my flight again.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of compete   [ competed, competed ]
German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of messen
messe  mißt  mißt  messen  meßt  messen  maß  maßest  maß  maßen  maßt  maßen