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to concede     einräumen

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to concede defeat eine Niederlage zugeben
concede kabul etmek; teslim etmek
concede eingestehen; anerkennen
to concede zugeben, zugestehen
concede; obmit eingestehen

Great pictures. This looks very promising! At what time do you need to be back on Monday? I may have to return early on Tuesday as well, because my daughter's and my son's birthday are on the same date.
I really value honest comments, and I am a believer that it is the only way that the social community system works, so as to know whom you can trust on both sides. Programmers did a great job if you were asking me.
I sent a letter 2 days ago. Did you get it? I see that you like sports. I play tennis. Maybe we can communicate together and write about sports and learn Spanish that way. Waiting for your reply.
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Conjugation of concede   [ conceded, conceded ]