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Translation of cool in German

to cool     abkühlen; kühlen
cool     kühl

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Sample sentences:
The van was full of yogurt that needed to be cooled.

Der Lastwagen war voller Joghurt, der gekühlt werden musste.
The weather was cool in the morning but got warmer later. Das Wetter war morgens kühl aber wurde später wärmer.
The way Jasper played the accordion made it a cool instrument. So wie Jasper Akkordeon spielte, wurde es zu einem coolen Instrument.
to cool down (sich) abkühlen; sich beruhigen
cool us down sich abkühlen
cool of sich abkühlen
unfriendly,cool abweisend
cool Super,Spitze,Klasse
she is cool ihr ist kalt
cool cool, klasse
cool kühl

Friends, Family and similar relationships you are saying mostly "Du". Young people too. In the city, on the phone, school, at work and in the bank always say "Sie" for now.
People on the bikes continued to drive around us although we were in the middle of the street. Supposedly this city has more than ten million inhabitants and more than three million bikes.
The day after, we woke up late and enjoyed the nice breakfast of the Monarca Hotel. We planned the next leg of our trip at a local travel agent.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of cool   [ cooled, cooled ]
German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of abkühlen
kühle ab  kühlst ab  kühlt ab  kühlen ab  kühlt ab  kühlen ab  kühlte ab  kühltest ab  kühlte ab  kühlten ab  kühltet ab  kühlten ab     
Conjugation of kühlen
kühle  kühlst  kühlt  kühlen  kühlt  kühlen  kühlte  kühltest  kühlte  kühlten  kühltet  kühlten